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Inevitable Change 01/03/2013

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Hello my dear friends. I have been away for quite a while. I gave up on my passion of writing for quite some time to work on myself and realize my dreams. I am back now and enthusiastic about writing again.

I sit here in my car after midnight on the shores of beautiful Beirut, and ponder about the years that have passed. I am the age of 25 and I realize now more than ever that everything changes in life and it is inevitable.

Loved ones pass on, friends you have known for years let go of you, you change jobs, you live in different countries. We try to endure inevitable change, no matter how harsh it is.

But I have concluded something. life is a schizophrenic bitch. It slaps you in the face when you’re not looking. It creeps up on you when you least expect it, like when taking a crap.

I have lost many people I truly care about over the years due to my previous immaturity and hang ups, and also due to differences between us. But I guess change is inevitable and if they will it that way then let it be.

You change. You grow old. You realize who your true friends are. You stick to family, which is the most important thing I believe.

If I had only one wish, it would be to control time. Unfortunately no one has created a time machine yet. I’m still waiting by the way so people please, work on it.

But I have learned so far that no matter what you go through in life, with all the ups and downs, with all the bullshit sprinkled on top, you just have to be grateful I guess. Be happy with what you have and how you live. Life is much harsher for a bigger majority everywhere.

I can’t be mad at the schizophrenic bitch I call life anymore. I must endure inevitable change and deal with it. As should you. Don’t expect anything from anyone or anything anymore, it will only bring you down.

But I will say this. Find one passion. One single passion that will control you and set you free from the mongrel we call life. You will enjoy life much more. Which is what I’m planning to do. Until next time my friends, stay well and happy.


New Media 18/05/2010

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New media is a term meant to encompass the emergence of digital,computerized, or network information and communication technologies in the later part of the 20th century. Most technologies described as “new media” are digital, often having characteristics of being manipulated, networkable,dense, compressible, interactive and impartial. Some examples may be the internet, websites, computer multimedia, computer games, CD-ROMS, and DVDs. Nowadays, the focus of the new media in society is the internet. People are getting more and more accustomed to the daily use of the internet, whether for entertainment, socializing, or research.

In order the understand peoples’ use of the media I have interviewed three people, asking each 5 questions about the media, and how they use it. I recorded my interviewees and put the videos on youtube, which you will see the links to down below. The first video included a 14 year old teenager named Ayla who is a student at Lycee National in Beirut.  Since Ayla is a student, her recquired knowledge of the internet is limited to research and homeworks asked of them. She spends most of her time on facebook, about 2 to 3 hours a day. When I asked her what she would to change in the world of the media, Ayla explained she wants the internet to be accessible to everyone in the world, especially the countries that do not have access to the internet, like we do.

In my second video I interviewed a 22 year old graphic designer in LAU. The reason I chose him was because his work depends on the use of the internet to search for designs, methods, and tutorials that would help improve his work. His average use of the internet is 2 to 3 hours daily. For entertainment he socializes through facebook and msn, but when it comes down to work he looks for updates on designs and methods that would help with his creativity and final outcome of his projects. He believes the fastest way he can be up to date frequently is the use of the internet. Also when it comes to his hopes for a change in the media, since Moussa is a believer in 3D  art, he hopes technology would take us somewhere new in that field.

In my third video, I interviewed a woman, Najwa, in her early 50’s, who works in informational research and editing in the United Nations in Lebanon. Her work consists mainly of using the computer and internet, with a minimum of 6 to 7 hours daily. She spends her time researching for information recquired of the organization, to be used, edited, and sent out to different countries. Her hopes for changes in the new media includes accessibility and availability of everything online, all unlimited resources should be accessed with nothing but a click, she hopes.

The difference in these videos is that due to the occupation of the person, the use of the media varies. If one is a student, he or she is merely expected to know the basics of research methods, and they may explore different sources in their own time if interested. Also depending on occupation, as well, their amount of time using the internet changes as well. A person who’s work does not consist of the use of the media (a student)will spend less time than a researcher (Najwa), for example, or a graphic designer (Moussa). The similarities I’ve seen between the three is that all, obviously, used the internet daily, with a minimum of 2 hours. But the graphic designer and researcher used the internet mostly for work, rather than entertainment.

To create these videos I used my phone as the recording device. I transferred my videos from the phone to the computer using the phone USB connector. I then uploaded the videos on youtub via my youtube account, where I was able to edit the video’s annotations. As you may have seen, all my videos were in wrong angle, merely because my phone recorded them that way. Sadly, my phone took a hit and ever since then all the pictures and videos I take may show at the right angle but when I upload them on the computer the videos are at the wrong angle. Only the pictures can be rotated but not the videos. The easiest part was adding the annotations. The tricky part was adding the subtitles.

For the subtitles, I added a program call DivXLand Media Subtitler from the internet. After I uploaded the videos on youtube, I opened Notepad and wrote down my scripts. After, I imported the subtitles and applied my text according to the video and the exact timing I wanted. After doing that I save the text as SRT format on the computer where I upload them via youtube. Youtube takes them in and automatically puts the subtitles.

My favorite part of the project was interviewing the candidates, and hearing their different point of views. I also liked learning how to add annotations and making use of the youtube options, other than just watching videos. Now I know all the necessities if I want to upload my personal videos from now on. My least favorite part was the editing of the videos. I tried using movie maker to edit the videos which worked beautifully but when I tried uploading them to youtube, youtube couldn’t read WLMP format. It only reads MP4. Had I been able to use moviemaker, I would’ve been able to rotate the video, and use the captions and subtitles wonderfully.

To view my videos check them out on:





ChatRoulette…Next please! 15/05/2010

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It’s as easy as dialing a number on your phone, and you can get connected to anyone from anywhere all over the world. ChatRoulette is a website that can connect people together, and enable them to contact eachother with the use of a webcam and audio or text. If you’re not interested in the person you’re talking to, you can easily click ‘next’, which connects you to another person. You can meet people from all over the world, but supposedly it’s for 18+ since a lot of conversations that take place may r-rated subjects. Andrey Ternovskiy, a 17-year-old high school student in Moscow, created the website in November 2009. He explained that the idea of the website came from Skype, where he used webcams to communicate with his friends. Andrey explains that he created the website “to make something different from what currently exists on the internet and to make something that isn’t boring.”

After being launched in November 2009, the webiste had 500 visitors a day. Then, a month later, 50,000 visitors, making the website, and its creator, very popular. The site was featured in ‘The New York Times, ‘New York Magazine’, and on ‘Good Morning America’, ‘Newsnight’ in the UK, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Around the beginning of March 2010, Ternovskiy estimated the site to have around 1.5 million users.

When it comes to my personal use of chatroulette, I have to say I never used it before because I personally never heard of it. But these last couple of days I’ve tried it and I met people from England, USA, and even India, ordinary people like us, and even interesting people. If I passed by people that were vulgar, or rude, I simply clicked ‘next’ and went to the next person, and I did meet my share of perverts and immature beings.

This website did seem similar to others such as IRC chatting and Skype. Although with IRC there was no cams used back then. IRC days were in the 90’s, where people could connect to any chatroom and either speak publicly with everyone, or one-on-one chatrooms. Skype, on the other hand, can use video, audio, and text but with people you choose to talk to or add. It is safer where you talk to people you know, and not complete strangers. Sometimes talking to strangers is interesting because you get to meet random people, share thoughts, experiences, backgrounds from different cultures. But at the same time it can be annoying, depending on the people you meet. Some can be perverts, others can be judgemental and rude, but you just have to be careful who you choose to talk to and to stick to. Yet people would find the inhibition of chatting to strangers  appealing because, believe it or not, people would be able to speak freely in front on strangers that you can connect with but cutt off any second whenever you choose. The idea of talking or seeing someone for the first time brings out the inner you, where you can say or do anything to that person, and see how they react. Sometimes you create longlasting friendships, sometimes you find out new cursewords you’ve never heard before. This kind of website would work but wouldn’t boom in a place like Lebanon, it would end in a disaster. As much as it sounds like an interesting website, it can be dangerous for kids if they get their hands on it. Other than that, according to our society, speaking to the unknown isn’t much loved and approved, like IRC. Skype is popular here because it allows us to connect to our preffered friends and family, not complete strangers. Trust is something important in our country. People would try the website, but won’t probably do it for long.


Foursquare, not so square.. 09/05/2010

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So here I am opening my eyes and mind to the world of online connection and interaction and I’m realizing that there are so many programs, websites, blog spots, and pages that are all different and unique from each other. The internet isn’t just based on facebook and youtube, or googling your assignments (admit it people we all do that). I was introduced to foursquare.  It’s a website that’s a mix of city-guide and friend finder. You get to tell you fellow online friends where you are and you can check-in and get points. You can tip people on where to go and what to do in your city, and if you commit to the website you can become the mayor of locations and venues!  It’s an interesting website. It’s facebook meets twitter meets online yellow pages. The best thing about it is that you can have the foursquare application on you phone, and whether you’re an ALFA or MTC user, you can have internet everywhere for very few dollars a month, get internet access anywhere (yes, I mean EVERYWHERE) and you can go into foursquare, and check-in. You can create your own account, add any profile picture, and even personalize the settings, like linking your check-ins with twitter or facebook. I find it very very helpful that you can link websites to one another, it makes a lot of things easier. I liked the website very much and I’m getting the hang of it. I’m actually more likely addicted to it than anything else. So like I said you can choose to become the mayor of any venue or location. I’m actually aiming to become the mayor of “Hamra”,  “Hard Rock Cafe”, and “T-Marbouta”. Those are my three favorite places of all time and now I can show my passion for these locations online! Installing the program wasn’t difficult. On my phone I already had installed a program called Gravity where I can connect to the internet by one click and go into twitter and foursquare. When I faced difficulty I went online to the foursquare website and followed the instructions, very easy instructions. From a business point of view, I think Foursquare can help investors and potential sponsors to see the peoples’ opinions and reactions of places, areas, locations, and venues. According to Lebanon, since this is a very touristic country, these opinions would help a lot. Investors and sponsors would have an idea of where to look and what to look at when it comes to the business of creating something new. This would be a big step for Lebanon! As from a personal point of view, I’m enjoying going online and seeing people’s opinions on different places. I get to see their ideas and preferences, and I get ideas on where to go and what to do. I can also meet up with friends and classmates, and people that are hanging out in the same location. So far, I’ve enjoyed the website greatly and I’m going to keep on using it. I’m using the application when I’m moving from place to place, but only places that are public and known. From a security point of view,  I wouldn’t state if I’m going to private locations, like people’s houses. I would only check-in to public places known on the map. So far, Foursquare, not so square after all.


New Media 01/05/2010

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In the past decade media has changed tremendously. The advancement of technology has created a new generation of audience and unlimited information and activities for all age groups around the globe. The new media available can be used for entertainment, education, information, and connection to anyone at anytime. Yet according to the society, age, and occupation, the use of the new media varies. I decided to interview three people of different age groups about the new media and what it means to them.

1) Najwa Attieh, a translator and editor in the UN ESCWA . She has been working in the UN for over 20 years and is in charge of using technology and the internet to get information about international matters. Since technology has changed drastically over the last two decades, so has her methods of using technology

2) Nour Awar, a 21 year old graphic designer whose work is mainly consisted of using the latest technology and internet. All her work consists of research of designs and using computers and internet to work on designs

3) Ayla Kekhia, a 14 year old student who’s been recently introduced to the internet. I would be interested in finding out her preffered use of the internet and her mobile, since she’s a beginner.

I will be asking them 5 question about the New Media and I would compare their answers:

1) What resources do you use daily, in the category of media and technology

2) Which do you use mostly and why?

3) What does new media mean to you?

4)Does the media (i.e. internet, phone, computer) help you in your occupation? How so?

5) A lot of changes have taken place in the world of media in the past decade. What do you think will happen in another decade? Where do you see technology going?


Online Connection with Antoine Naaman 03/04/2010

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Yet again I meet another expert at the creations of the human kind, the online world. Antoine Naaman, editor of T3 Magazine, decided to join our LAU Social class,( #lausocial)  taught by Ayman Itani. On Tuesday and Thursday, March 30th and April 1st, Antoine showed the cellphone owners (whom were obviously all of us) that through any device, smart or stupid, (yes they are called stupid phones)  we can get online connections at any time. Whether Alpha or MTC lebanese lines, and at a very low I was able to get a connection through WAP. Now while either shooting some pool or I saw something that caught my eye I can share my experiences with the world. Chapeau bas to the technology of the 21st century! I am intrigued in exploring new creations.


25 Random Ass Things About Me 30/03/2010

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1. I’m very short. We have all established that, short enough to be used as a stool.
2. I hate feet, anyone’s feet, anything that has to do with feet. Shoe shopping and the beach are an issue for me.
3. I sneeze, hiccup, and cough at the same time.
4. I find difficulty in trying to burp, it always turns into minutes of torturing hiccups.
5. My favorite season is the winter and my most favorite thing to do is walk under the rain while listening to music.
6. I find difficulty in opening up to people now, I don’t see the point.
7. I don’t believe in hypocrisy and I don’t know how to spell it either. There’s always a different side to every story.
8. It’s the first time I fall in love. I never believed in that commercial crap really but hey it seemed to have worked on me.
9. I will take a bullet for only a couple of people, including my family.
10. I have an incredible fear of clowns due to a traumatic experience in a circus during my childhood.
11. I love heights and anything that gives me an adrenaline rush.
12. I do NOT get along with women, I really don’t understand them and how they think. Complicated creatures we are.
13. I believe everyone should try new things and meet alot of people because we only get one life, the only thing you should regret is lack of experience.
14. I’m usually a happy person, I rarely get mad, but wen I do I tend to do hurtful things.
15. I got into a catfight once.
16. I got into a fight with a guy once.( I know im not tall enough but i kneed him so that was good enough)
17. I used to be in a rapping group called the VOC (not one of my proudest moments)
18. I also used to be a goth ( I was young ok?)
19. I enjoy cooking, especially wara2 3enab
20. I listen to oldies sometimes, like the carpenters and Abba, it reminds me of my childhood.
21. I still love watching cartoons, especially tom and jerry
22. My most treasured possession is my beemer kamikaze, although its withering away slowly.
23. I’ve made a promise to myself to buy a harley davidson (in my size)by the age of 30
24. If not then i’ll settle for a steed or shadow.
25.I’m hoping you guys enjoyed this tid-bit.